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Thread: Is Brexit beginning to bite?

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    Default Is Brexit beginning to bite?

    It seems to me there is increasing evidence that Brexit is having a detrimental effect upon the economy. According to news reports The UK's economic recovery is being slowed as a result of labour shortages - EU citizens have left the UK in huge numbers. In the meat industry, for example, they are considering using prisoners to cover for staff shortages. Transport bosses have also flagged recruitment difficulties as a serious and on-going problem. In addition, there appear to be huge problems for many businesses acquiring materials. The construction industry is reportedly dealing with major supply problems especially affecting cement and timber. The two countries which are the biggest cement producers in Europe are France and Germany. 90% of the UK's building timber is imported, with Scandinavia, Germany and Austria being the biggest suppliers. The UK is not guaranteed the continuity of supply it enjoyed whilst we were in the EU.

    At a local level Tesco in Wick have started to widen the aisles by removing shelving. Prior to this it cannot have escaped anyone's notice that, at times, some shelves have been vary bare. Are Tesco removing shelving so as not to have large tracts of it lying empty? Presumably it looks better to have fewer but full shelves rather than lots of empty ones. Fewer shelves, of course, means a reduced range of items on sale. Are we witnessing Tesco effectively acknowledging that some items are no longer going to be available?

    I realise that there are lots of other factors affecting business at the moment; not least of which is Covid but I can't help but think that the full impact of Brexit is finally becoming clear.

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    !00% agree, it was only a matter of time as the populations emerged from lockdown that the full cost of Brexit would start to be seen.

    Regards labour shortages, it would be good to see some employers and Govs spending money on training schemes so that people that actually live in the UK are given the chance to learn skills etc. I know we need the trained people now but we also need to think of the future.

    I suspect some labour shortages will be filled by the Afghan refugees that the west has let down so badly, they will, I'm sure appreciate a new life opportunity. Good luck to them !

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    But there is another factor that is to blame for empty shelves and that is squeezing lorry drivers of a fair day's wage over that last few decades, that should have nothing to do with Brexit but unfortunately it did as Eastern EU drivers who filled the gap in numbers had lower standards of living in their countries where their wages went further.
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    Brexit really is beginning to bite. New customs regulations came into force on 1 January 2022 which have resulted in huge queues at ports, particularly Dover.

    There are a number of reasons why this is not headline news in all the papers. Firstly, the various scandals afflicting the Tory government, secondly the situation in Ukraine and lastly and most importantly the fact that a great swathe of our press campaigned for Brexit and they don't want you to know this is happening in case you blame them.

    Have a look at this video in which some lorry drivers describe how things have changed for the worse since the new year.

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    I came upon a Peter Sefanovich (lawyer, political commentator and vlogger) video today. It was a sort of fact checking of a Jacob Ress Mogg interview with Nick Ferrari on LBC. You can view it here if you wish -

    The one thing that stood out was the extent to which Brexit has caused GB to miss out on a global economic recovery. The screen grab below is from a section of the video that illustrates the issue graphically. I'm sorry it is not great quality but if you click on the image to enlarge it you will see the what has been happening.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    All very worrying I am sure you will agree. Not only worrying but annoying since those of us in Scotland voted 2:1 against this folly.

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