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Thread: Road Conditions

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    Default Road Conditions

    So how are your roads coming along ?

    Are you happy with the condition of the roads in your area ?

    There are a lot of repairs getting done but questions are being asked as to the quality of the repairs.

    There appears to be a succession of fanfares hailing the repairs being carried out but the roads are still in a disgraceful state both in rural and urban Caithness.
    Whilst certain people are busy patting themselves on the back they seem to be hoping that the people of Caithness will forget that Councillors, politicians and the Highland Council's so called management just stood by and allowed the road network in Caithness and Sutherland to fall in to such a dangerous state of disrepair.

    Vehicles are still being damaged and people are getting injured.

    When is someone in authority going to realise and admit the task is so huge that the current workforce can not hope to make a big impact and get a task force assembled that can get the repairs done more quickly and to a standard that will last.

    Politicians, Councillors and some officials from The Highland Council have made visits to Caithness thanks to the pressure applied by the Caithness Roads Recovery Campaign. Unfortunately many have enjoyed the day out and have now slid off in to the undergrowth after issuing statements of concern but actually achieving nothing.

    Time for everyone to contact the appropriate people and remind them that there is still a crisis in Caithness due to the dangerous state of the road surfaces.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Bowler View Post
    So how are your roads coming along ?
    I always thought the roads in the Highland region were fairly well looked after considering the variability of the weather conditions but since 2019 they have taken a real pounding and potholes are atrocious. There may be covid reasons why the holes are not filled in or there may be financial governance reasons. I am not sure if the ruling Labour LibDem Coalition at Highland Council is really up to the task of providing the means and the materials to fix the roads.
    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
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    Don't Panic...

    Boris to the rescue...

    He's promised us "Leveling Up" so expect nice & level roads soon.
    “We're trapped in the belly of this horrible machine....
    And the machine is bleeding to death."

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    Good news for Gaelic speakers with the promise of £4 million (taxpayers money) on a new project to promote it.

    No Money available to help repair the roads in Caithness though.

    Maybe the £4 million would be better spent on encouraging people to learn a European language so that when we re-join the EU we will be capable of communicating with the EU without relying on them speaking the English language.

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    I used to drive on the left of the road,now i drive on whats left of the road!

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