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Thread: Pentland seeking views on proposed transfer to Cairn ahead of ballot

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    Arrow Pentland seeking views on proposed transfer to Cairn ahead of ballot

    The Caithness Business Index has posted the following article:

    Pentland seeking views on proposed transfer to Cairn ahead of ballot

    [IMG][/IMG] Pentland Housing Association tenants are to be formally consulted on a proposed transfer to Cairn Housing Association, which will bring new investment to homes and a locked-in affordable rent guarantee, from a new combined Cairn and Pentland team in Caithness. Detailed information leaflets are being posted out and members of staff from Pentland and Cairn are aiming to personally visit every household to try and speak to residents and answer any questions they might have. [Read Full Article]

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    Pentland board are no more seeking views about anything , they stopped all the house maintenance and improvements when the Cairn name was mentioned. Nobody wants to change to something that’s worse than they have now . It’s not a change to Cairn that Pentland needs it’s a change of the board . It’s their total mis-management of the whole thing since 2006 thats brought them to this sorry state . It’s also against the rules and agreement laid down by the UKAEA when the properties were handed over . Under the rules of right to buy of many Pentland tenants where denied and then defrauded out off. These rights have been set aside by a board that couldn’t or wouldn’t follow the rules and regulations laid down by parliament. How can you transfer anything why only 25% of the people get a vote , this no open meeting and a proper AGM where views and concerns can be aired. It’s just another behind closed doors deal that brings benefits to one at the cost of the other and Pentland are the other. Nothing should be done until the Covid thing is over and people and come together and make that decision collectively. People should be suspicious of any deal that’s done in the dark days of Covid by people who have some much to gain . Again I say “ dump the board and dump Cairn, until all the facts are clear for all to see “.

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    I understood from a recent conversation that it was a done deal and tenants had been informed of their new landlord in letters sent out recently.
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    Like all thing Pentland or Cairn it’s all done behind closed doors ,where the rules of governance are put aside . They blame Covid and hide the truth of what going on , it’s always been a companies what was put together for the benefit of the tenants. Nothing could be farther from the truth ,the going ones have been a total disgrace and it’s the board to blame . As said it’s not a change of owner ( which breaches the rules) it’s a complete change of the board. Let Pentland have an EGM for the election of new board members that are qualified to run it for two year period and then relook at what deal is a available or if any would be needed. Some tenants where defrauded out of their rights and that allow should be ringing bells of an investigation. It bring the local councillors and MSP into the equation as some have questions to answer . The Scottish parliament also have question that need to be answered on the part they played in defrauding tenants out of their rights.

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