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Thread: Harrow Harbour blockade

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    Default Harrow Harbour blockade

    Does anyone know why there has been great effort in placing some large boulders blocking some of the parking area and access to the beach at Harrow Harbour?

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    I believe the boulders were placed there last year in an effort to prevent tourists stopping overnight and leaving their mess including excrement when they left. I also heard the overnighters caused disturbances and concerns to local residents.

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    worth noting though that there was a sign on the blockade last year telling campers they could stay at the harbour if they paid cash at the house up behind the boulders !

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    Why do they have to pay cash to stay there and what happens to the cash? If there is so much concern about things being left behind why is there rolls of used sheep netting left at the side of the road for animals to get caught in, creels rotting away left in the grass and a rusty bale lift left half in a passing place? Who has the authority to put the boulders there?

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    I suspect no one paid anything.

    Unfortunately there is a lot of junk dumped down there mainly on what I believe is private land. The bale lifter is on a public highway though and should be removed. The wire netting is a hazard.

    Sadly it is a reflection of what you can see all over Caithness and it just seems to be an accepted practice to leave barbed wire and old stock netting lying about, not to mention dead cars. Before anyone gets upset I know it is difficult and sometimes expensive to get rid of these things but it must be possible.

    The Council did not put the boulders there.

    Old habits are hard to break unfortunately.

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    I suspect someone more local to the harbour than I, has experienced problems with visitors and has decided to take unilateral action. For many years the harbour was a haven of peace and tranquillity but the increase in disturbance of the seal population, the tampering with fishing equipment and the encroachment of trash campers has brought about necessary change. Whoever is responsible cannot police the harbour 24/7 and has decided to take more direct action.
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    Well put Gronnuck, but I think the bale lifter could be dangerous if it collapses.

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    In my opinion this is a way of saying “ go away it’s all mine”. In all activities there are some people that are problematic but we seem to be a obsessed with stopping the activity rather than dealing with the culprits. You say that the harbour can’t be watched 24hr, why then is CCTV set up. Scotland claims to welcome its guest, I don’t believe this to be the case, I find it to be a more and more unwelcoming place due to certain individuals that think the own the place.
    There are a number of LOCALS that pass my house at more that 80 MPH, can I put a blockade across the road to stop them??????
    Due to social media everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of “dirty tourists” and how they don’t want tourist up here. Do these people never go on holiday? Are they then not a tourist.
    I presume that the person who put in the blockade at Harrow Harbour reported to the council and the police before taking their own hostile actions?

    A few weeks ago I was at Duncansby Head and silage bales had been placed in the car park in a vain attempt to stop people parking, Scottish Hospital at its best!!!!!!!

    Vigilantism is not the way forward

    Who is responsible for the Harbour?
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