Is the film V for Vendetta closer to a Tory truth than they would ever want you to see . A horrendous 120,000 dead ,two Trillion in debt , Westminster government stealing taxpayers money ( which is borrowed) and the Westminster Cheerleaders dancing in champagne rain. Unionism is the worse form of terrorism and if another referendum were to fail we will see a one party state. Scotland is sleepwalking into the Westminster funded and unionist backed Tory ideal of the ultimate Stockholm syndrome . Fear is a cowards and abusers way of control , bravery gives you choice to change. Those how support independance are now like the Jews in 1936-1945 and unionism is the other side . Many give up their lives and dreams so we could choose ,unionists want to make sure we don't have that choice. The unionists are happy with the state funded and media supported brainwashing and with that help, keep them in power . It's history repeating story of one country believing it's right to abuse and rule over another and it's right to use any means to do so.

The film is Boris and other Tories bedtime mantra to a nation or maybe not.