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Thread: Petition to lobby for Government funding to apply to those living in low rise flats

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    Default Petition to lobby for Government funding to apply to those living in low rise flats

    Please consider signing this if you can. The measures announced yesterday exclude low rise flat blocks. There are very many people affected through no fault of their own. uckxO89Kzpfz6_gCUEz4VapQA

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    The government has set aside 3.5bn to replace unsafe cladding for all leaseholders in residential buildings that are 18m (six storeys) or higher in England:

    This government seems to be spending a massive ammount of extra money already with measures related to Covid. There never seems to be a shortage of good causes looking for money.

    I worry that due to the current vastly increased levels of public spending, in a few years down the line there will be massive tax increases, inflation and massive public spending cuts (with a loss of many public sector jobs, huge cuts to public services etc). If people own property with the wrong sort of cladding, why should that be paid for out of the public purse?

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    ecb. ........because likely these buildings are owned by Political hacks!
    Yes....someone has to pay the bills for this and Covid!

    Our Federal Gov’t in Canada recently ‘gave’ The Loblaws chain of Stores, Millions of $’s to update their fridges and freezers!
    Loblaws owners are one of the wealthiest families in Canada!

    And Canada gave the Aga Khan $50 Million in 2019.... his worth is $13 Billion....and is the spiritual leader to 11 million Muslims, many of whom live in poverty! Ohhhh I nearly forgot.....that is where our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spends his time, as did Pierre Elliot Trudeau, his father a former PM!
    Oh...and there is a Caithness connection....Pierre Trudeau married a ‘lassie’ called Margaret Sinclair, whose Grandfather or something, was frae ‘E Week area!
    You have to understand the ‘ways of the world’!

    But one thing to also remember... from a friend who had a brain aneurism and recovered. He lost his job, and is now riding a pedal bike....
    ‘Health is Wealth’.

    Another piece of useless info...The Aga Khan lives in a French Chateau with vast estates and holdings.
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    My daughter and her husband are affected. They live in a low rise in London (small development) with just 3 floors of flats including the ground floor. They have a mortgage on less than half and the rest is a housing association- and in their contract, the HA is free from any responsibility. They have only been in the flat just 3 years and is their first home that is more their own- (they are in their 30s)- bought it in good faith, had a survey done etc, expecting that the building regs were fit for purpose. Before then, they were in private rental where the owner would have borne all the costs. They only got this flat because she had points due to her job- key worker of the sort that everyone was clapping not so long ago! At the time, they thought that they were lucky to get it. They are both working- she is a nurse on the frontline- and don't have much money. How would you feel? Let down badly or what? The government bears ultimate responsibility as it said at the time that the building regs were alright and now, have retrospectively changed their minds leaving people facing thousands of pounds worth of debt. Someone made the comparison with purchase of a car. If you bought a car that was found to be dangerous, would you expect to be paying all the costs to put the car right and then be left with a car that was currently worthless anyway? The only good thing is that they are happy there and not looking to move- unlike the previous couple who moved on as they had a baby and there wasn't enough room.
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