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Thread: Economic study into trading costs of Scottish indepedence

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    Default Economic study into trading costs of Scottish indepedence

    Seen on the BBC website:

    "Scottish independence: trading costs calculated:

    " A new economic study into trade concludes that the costs of Scottish independence would be two to three times greater than the impact from Brexit, and that joining the European Union would do little to offset that cost. ... "

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    Just read it. I'd forgotten just how wee, poor and stupid Scotland actually is.

    If there is any validity at all in this report then it is another shocking indictment of how Scotland has been treated as part of the Union. If we are to believe this article then after three hundred and fourteen years of Westminster running Scotland this is the state of resilience of our economy.

    I'd really love a Unionist to explain to me why it is only ever Scotland that will suffer like this. Ask anyone in Ireland if independence has been a bad idea for them. From what I can gather the decrease in living standards between the Republic and N. Ireland is obvious the minute your drive north over the border. The Irish were told that they would never be able to survive on their own. Scotland keeps getting told the same.

    Project fear is alive and well. I cannot help but think it is no coincidence that this report has been published at a time when support for Indy is at a high and there is a Holyrood election imminent.

    Perfidious Albion right enough.

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    Here is a FACT CHECK on that report. Worth a read.

    There are also views on this from Tax Research UK, and Bella Caledonia.

    Just in case anyone is interested.......

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    (be warned though, The National is not easy to find in the shops as most order very few, and, believe it or not, there are those (presumably Unionist shoppers) who tend to hide any copies they find, at the bottom of other bundles, and Tesco (Thurso) have also been known to keep them behind the cigarette counter, on occasion.)

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