It’s a catch 22 the HRC need the money and just don’t care who suffers in the process. They clearly state the there no possibility to erect industrial or commercial building but turbine companies easily get permission for the same ground as they can throw up as many Windturbines as they like . The Council were asked 20 years ago to allow counties to register a charitable trust for any wind turbine installations and needed permission from the community if they wanted them and if they did they would reap any rewards of local use . The HRC , local elected officials and councillors said “ NO Way” at that time a local man said on the Org that Caithness would be carpet bombed with turbines if local communities concerns were pushed aside . Not one councillors in the highlands sided with him. Now the truth is about us and we’re knee deep in turbines with 97% of the profits gone south and to big shareholders. The Council brushed aside complaints and brushed them under the carpet . It’s a pity that a place like Caithness has been ransacked by turbines companies for the benefit of others at the expense of locals.