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Thread: Different Battle but the same tactics

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    Default Different Battle but the same tactics

    Well the Tories are still riding the same horse and using the same tactics on fighting Covid as they used on Brexit . It's always been a hot air and smoke screen agenda and when that fails, Lies,lies and more lies.
    Its got to stop and party politics should be set aside and the Tories started to listen to the people. Its about time the Tories took their head in of the champagne bucket and saw a better way forward . Dominic Cummings may well be playing the Tory organ grinder but the people are sick feed up with the one man band their feeding us with a few clowns thrown in for good measure.

    Theres no point Boris throwing a drowning man an anchor even if he says its better than nothing . Time for him and the Tory and unionist party to go .

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    Well that won't be for at least another 3 and a half years so you'll just have to be patient won't you then we'll all get our chance but until then.......
    I don't know, what with the champagne bucket, the organ grinder, the drowning man plus anchor, the one man band and the few clowns, it is mighty crowded on the back of that poor horse, isn't it?!
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    Sorry to burst your bubble Dozy, but there are a lot more folk around than just the Conservative UK Government that are using those tactics in relation to Conoravirus. For once, I agree with your assertion that the UK Government is spouting hot air, along with smoke screens and lies, lies, lies, when it comes to Conoravirus. It is after all dubbed Conoravirus for a reason.

    Holyrood however seems to be intent on trumping those lies, hot air and smoke screens, with an "Anything they can do, we can do better" mentality. As a result, Scotlnad gets hit harder than the rest of the UK, and to justify that harder hit, the lies have to be even bigger.

    Aberdeen is still bewildered why they got such a soiled end of the stick, but yet Glasgow and SW Scotland in general reserve the much cleaner end for themselves.

    I agree with you - The UK government should listen to the people, ideally Swedish people. If you are looking for organ grinders, then you need look no further than Whitty and Vallance. Hopefully they are better at grinding organs (Oh er....) than they are advising the UK Government.

    And I agree with you also on setting party politics aside. So please tell that to the High Preistess of Holyrood and tell her she doesn't always have to be different from the UK simply for the sake of it. And she doesn't need to have her daily party political broadcast put out on the BBC either.

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