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Thread: Alliance for Unity!

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    Default Alliance for Unity!

    What say you all!

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    I haven't read the post, as I can imagine it says little more than we have read on here from you and others innumerable just suck up what England wants without complaint,Scotland!

    What I'd like explained, although I won't hold my breath, because you don't do explaining, is what is there to unify around? To be a united union, you do kinda need the countries within it to talk to each other and come to some kind of compromise agreement which comes nearest to satisfying the majority in each country, not just the BritNats in them.

    What it appears,currently, to mean is that the four countries in the UK have to "unify" around the UK as dictated by England...which would be firstly, because of Brexit, the rolling back of devolution to allow Westminster to impose on us the relaxation of all the trade barriers set in place (for good reason) by the EU in order to allow the USA to dictate their own trade terms, selling out our farmers and fishermen; secondly, it appears that there is loud clamour from unionst MPs for a new Act of Union which will make us another Catalonia with no right to choose our future for ourselves...and at the same time a separate but not unrelated clamour to close down Holyrood altogether....after all, do we not now have a UK Government in Scotland Department which could easily take over the duties of a Scottish Parliament(and just think how much running that department is going to add to the "Scottish deficit" if they don't close Holyrood).

    And then you come along and bleat Alliance for Unity...which translates to, as far as I can see...Alliance to confirm the UK as Greater England...forever indivisible. How can you have unity in such a situation?

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    But generally it would appear that the Scots do need some ‘guidance’.
    My post on the Senior Mgmt! The probs with the change of mind on the schools! And some schools not opening after months of nothing!
    And....losing the bag of vials......any explanation yet!
    Perhaps my knowledge is somewhat lacking on the ‘finer’ parts as I don’t live have to admit there is something wrong!
    ****** And don't forget...the World is in the Worst Recession ever......
    NO......I didn't bleat it! I mentioned it with no comment......and no one did!
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    Who let the sock puppets out again?

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