Ok so let me get this right! Boris & his clan are considering a lock down of all (vulnerable people) between the age of 50 - 70 should there be a threat of a second wave of the virus. Hereís the thing BoJo, who exactly are you shielding us from? Could it be the hundreds of young people gathering at illegal raves, having house parties, going to pubs where after a few pints of Stella social distancing goes right out the window. Teenagers basking in the sunshine in the centre of town drinking copious amounts of alcohol.
Parliament decided that a few years ago that Iím fit enough to work until Iím 66 before I can retire. Also I think youíll find that the majority of people in their 50ís & 60ís have adhered to all the rules concerning the lockdown in the hope that the day would come sooner rather than later for them to be with their families again. So hereís a suggestion for you, how about a full lock down for all people under the age of 30 who believe they are immune to this virus. You might just get a result.