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Thread: Russian fiddling in politics

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    Default Russian fiddling in politics

    Will Westminster report say " Russian had their finger to the Scottish referendum pie" . What I do know is that Westminster sent out 361,000 postal votes to pensioners that didn't exsist , they where never registered on the NHS data base or with the DWP. Yet the votes that swung the referendum in the unionist favour were counted for the NO side . Even the electoral commission had great concern ,when asked about the fake postal votes their statement was " we can neither comfirm or demy the situation about the votes,only the Westminster government have the say and good luck with that " . They did however agree that the numbers did not add up and without the strange postal vote the outcome would have been different . Not a Russian voice in ear shot . Westminster is and has always been rotten to its core ,that won't change . We have minister with their partners working in the media ,brainwashing the masses. The org goes to prove the point , Colonists masquerading as Unionists.
    Come off it ,it's now when a second referendum vote is in the offing and the poles show that a yes vote is in the lead. The Tories come up with the " the Russians did it ,what's next " vote independance ,vote Russia " more crap from a insane and crazy Westminster Paul Pot style parliament ,and people voted for them .MAD, MAD world.
    Scotland is a colony ,always has been and will be until independance.
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