Just had a look at a forum topic this morning and found that every topic answer had a Google AdSense advert placed under it - this is caused by the webmaster allowing Google to automatically place adverts where it sees fit. Google promotes this setting on its AdSense control panel.

In the past Google did not allow webmasters to have more than 3 (1 large) advert placed per page so that it did not just show adverts - there had to be content on the page for the user. With the new auto settings it has messed up this still current rule - adverts everywhere. It annoys me personally, it is not actually the webmasters fault, it is simply that Google relies on artificial intelligence to identify the structure and content of the web page and it sees each response section as a "different page or section". Obviously Google has got it wrong in my opinion.

In the short term it may lead to increased earnings for a forum type website - in the long term it will completely kill the forum.

My advice, switch auto adverts off for forum based software driven websites.