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Thread: Is it time that private rented properties pay business rates to help the council

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    Default Is it time that private rented properties pay business rates to help the council

    Is it time that houses used as businesses pay some form of business type rates . We have some private renters asking 660 per week per property, but only paying 1200 in Community charges . Some of these quick turnover ( Airb&b) properties are making 1000 plus a week . Should the community be pushing to have renters pay their fair share as business owners have too. With the council is under great strain to meet all what we ask of them under a dwindling income. There are 5 Airb&b properties in one street and they get operating with reduced community charges ( that's what's the owners tell me) as the house has no permanent resident. It's a conversation we need to have and Councillors should be pushing for a survey into . Heres a starting point of 6000 per property which is a comparable price when set against small business premises. My neighbour has a small shop and agrees than all those running a business in whatever shape or size should pay their fair share. We are reaching the point that local young folk are being priced up of the market as older folk used these properties as pension cash cows. If we put up the house buying young ,we can't shout about them leaving . That way of thinking has detroyed towns in the south and I hope the Caithness community come together before its to late.
    Its a question that no doubt will have lots a answers and hopefully a solution .

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    The owners of that 5 properties must be doing a bit of ducking and diving, as they probably should be paying business rates. Below from the Airbnb website.

    According to the law you're acting as a business host if your hosting activities on Airbnb relate to your trade, business, craft or profession. ...
    You typically act as a business if you regularly rent your primary or secondary home or offer other services over a longer period of time in order to make a profit.
    If all is not lost, where is it?

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