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Thread: One Law For.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Horseman View Post
    But once again.......... U Lost. Not enuff Votes.
    if you lost, you are the Minority! HUH!
    How do you mean we lost? Do you mean Scotland, Wales and NI lost because England voted Tory? It has ever been thus...Scotland, Wales, and NI get the Government England votes for every time. Even on the very few occasions in the past that we colonies have had any influence on the result of an election, it has only been because England couldn't make up its mind as to which of the only two parties which count with them to vote for.

    Or do you mean we lost the first independence referendum? That was lost because of lies and dirty tricks by the opposing the Unionists and their Government. Note, I said the first referendum, not the last....because in a democracy, even a pretendy one like ours, it is OK to change your another referendum will come...and if that fails, yet another one.....for as long as people want independence and there is a political party with independence in its manifesto.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oddquine View Post
    Note, I said the first referendum, not the last....because in a democracy, even a pretendy one like ours, it is OK to change your another referendum will come...and if that fails, yet another one.....
    So this confirms that it is indeed a neverendum. Run it over and over again till the wanted result is obtained. So that means that even in the event of a Yes vote, we will continue to have further referendums every few years, just to check we are still happy out of the UK, or to see if we want to rejoin.

    Or, more likely, it's rerun and rerun till you get Yes, then never again a referendum. Now that is a dictatorship.

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    The Independence Ref.
    That poor guy in the Canoe....up and down the Inverness River........Such hard work.
    Honestly, don’t you thing it would be better putting the money for a Ref. into Scotland! At least until you get enough Votes. It does seem such a waste, dreaming of something that will likely never occur. Do you really think that it would improve Scotland....

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    Indeed. Would be better if not just the money, but the effort that goes into Independence went into running Scotland. Instead, everything goes down hill. Education, law and order, healthcare. All could be better if the one trick ponies could consider learning a few more tricks.

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    I left in the 60’s ...but how long has this idea of a ‘lone’ Scotland been going?
    I remember a long time ago on a visit To Lybster Harbour, I saw SNP written in Whitewash on the rocks.
    Spent a lot of time at the Harbour/ even fell in LUV a couple of times on the ‘BRAE’! Could and Damp!!!

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    Too long, but to cadge one of Oddquine's definitions, they have mainly just been a bunch of eccentric brainfarts who have followed a dream for decades.

    More recently, they have garnered some support from the public through wild promises made, which have been exposed as false through the passage of time. The promises for even wilder in the run up to the referendum in 2014. We were promised that with an endless supply of oil worth $110 a barrel, we would be rich beyond our wildest dreams. I also recall a Daily Record front page showing 25 20 notes, fanned out across the whole page, with a headline something like "500 for every Scot if we vote Yes". It was a brazen suggestion that somehow, if you voted Yes, you would be given 500.

    Fortunately, the electorate saw through all of that and made it clear what the majority wanted.

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    And now, it seems that in trying to correct their cock-up, NHS Orkney have made another......

    Some NHSO info leak patients were never tested for COVID-19

    Seems that the 51 folk all got a letter saying their swab results had been leaked to a local business - When some of them were never even swabbed in the first place.....

    Maybe if their chief executive wasn't swanning up and down the A9 week in, week out, they might all have a better handle on what they are doing? All that time he is sitting in a car, he obviously cannot be keeping things in check.

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    And it just gets worse and worse at NHS Orkney.....

    Sorry that's not the best link, but the story seems to have dropped off the bottom of The Orcadians page.

    It's great having healthcare as a devolved matter....... Not.

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    Here's a better link. From the Biased Broadcasting Corporation......

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    So, the naughty Mr Stewart is not going to get to stay in his job after all?

    Iain Stewart not to take up NHSO chief executive role

    And to this day, still has the support of the Scottish Government......

    Oh dear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orkneycadian View Post
    So, the naughty Mr Stewart is not going to get to stay in his job after all?

    Iain Stewart not to take up NHSO chief executive role

    And to this day, still has the support of the Scottish Government......

    Oh dear.
    Was he the one that also left Caithness? Wonder how much he gets paid to go quietly??

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    Dunno, but he has left a right bag of poo behind him.....

    Second NHS data leak to be fully investigated

    With NHS Orkney now having sent the personal details of 10 staff members to a journalist at the Orcadian newspaper. At least its staff members this time and not patients, but what on earth is going on with NHS Orkney, and up the line through NHS Scotland to Jeanne Freeman?

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    Third NHSO data breach prompts external review

    Aren't we supposed to have a government down in Edinburgh that has ultimate responsibility for stuff like this? Are they awake? Alive even? Or are they to preoccupied with getting folk to wear masks and the next round of the Neverendum?

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    Really disturbing article about the English government and their continuing incompetence and mendacity over Covid19 testing and related statistics. They are a bunch of liars who have repeatedly and deliberately misled the public over testing and the data emanating from it. Will anyone be brought to account? Of course not.

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    Seems it's not just NHS Orkney who cannot keep confidential stuff under control;

    Bag of Covid-19 test samples found on Highlands road

    Is there no accountability for the state of our Health Service? What is Jeanne Freeman doing about any of this? Diddly squat I would imagine.

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    This whole "One Law For ...." issue is rooted in privilege. The privileged get away with things which if you or I did would see us jail for many years.

    This thread was started as a result of Dominic Cummings thinking he was above the laws he was forcing the rest of us to abide by. Not only were his actions illegal but they were selfish in the extreme and downright dangerous. His punishment - to be kept out of the limelight for a few weeks until the furore had died down. In recent weeks we have seen HRH the Duke of Rothesay flout travel and social distance rules. Stanley Johnson (Boris Johnson's father) travelled to Greece via a circuitous route to avoid quarantine rules for those travelling from the UK and Robert Jenrick, MP has been up to his neck in allegations of collusion with a property developer and Tory party donor to rush through a massive planning application. Have any of these latter three been called to account? No, of course not, which is why I was intrigued to see the video below from George Monbiot. It reveals the nature and extent of corruption at the heart of the Tory Party and the British State. I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

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    Although in another part of Scotland, the authorities were quite tough on a beggar (with a drug habit) in Dunfermline for lockdown breaches, issuing a series of series of fixed penalty fines plus a court appearance:

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    And this is what Scotland has become..... Well, at least in the southern belt.

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    Oh dear, another SNP politician caught breaking the rules?

    MP Margaret Ferrier's Covid Parliament trip 'indefensible'

    Say "NO" to sock puppets on 'e Org!

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    I knew you would rise to the bait! Really, what is the point of commenting on this other than to gleefully gloat?

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