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Thread: A Very Dark Future

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    Quote Originally Posted by orkneycadian View Post
    In relation to your second sentence above Fulmar, in the shocking attack in Glasgow a week past Friday, just 1 of the 6 victims was a policeman.
    Disturbing reading on the Scotland page of the BBC website today;

    Woman charged over suspicious death in Coatbridge

    Detectives hunt gang after 'violent' street attack in Edinburgh

    Arrest after teenager's suspicious death in Helensburgh

    Almost half of the top 7 "headline" stories are of attacks and deaths in the Southern Belt. Looks like down there, stab vests are more likely to save your life than a face nappy.

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    World Headlines....
    N Sturgeon Misleading The Scots/. Massive cuts in store if Referendum goes ahead!
    Not all the Media can be wrong!

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    Och, Horseman, that's not news headlines. Wee Krankie has been misleading Scots for years, even before she wangled herself to the top of the Pretendy Parliament. We all know it, but unfortunately a minority are too blind to see it.

    And we have known for years too that if Scexit, or even the neverendum for it went ahead, that there would be big cuts. We haven't even had either yet, and the cuts are already severe, in all areas bar taxation.

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