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Thread: Is it true

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    Default Is it true

    The word on Twitter is that " Boris got crabs in Orkney" he's always been a slippery character. Photos to follow.

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    He gave his TV interview in a layby in Orkney......and he went to the camps in Moray via the "back doors" . Think he pretty much managed to avoid all contact with anybody but unionists.

    I await photos of our Tory MP making much of his photo-ops...if Boris actually told him he was turning up. If he did get his photo taken with his boss, that will be the first time our MP will have been better and more intelligent looking than the object he is being photographed alongside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dozy View Post
    The word on Twitter is that " Boris got crabs in Orkney" he's always been a slippery character. Photos to follow.
    The word locally is that the SNP have completely alienated the local shellfish comunity through their biased rag, by branding a premium local product as a "silly prop"

    A lot of far from impressed shellfisherpeople. But thats what we have come to expect from the divisionists. I guess when you live in the Southern Belt, crab is either something you make crass jokes about, or buy in a plastic tub from Tesco. Sauchiehall Street is a long way away from the fishing communities of Scotland.

    And the divisive rag never fails to deliver;

    Where it says "the crowds were out in Orkney".

    Here is a picture of them, also from the same website;

    I guess, using the same counting techniques used by the seperatists, when counting blue flags and faces on Sauchiehall Street, we can say with confidence.....

    "75,000 of Orkney's ~22,000 population turned out to protest on the streets of Orkney"

    (The above statement has been audited and certified true by the D. Abbott Institute of Auditors)

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    The odd thing about that picture above, is that no-one who has looked at it can recognise it. I can't think of anywhere in Orkney that has a junction like that, with a No Entry sign on a bollard. In fact, it looks quite a significant junction, with a lane sweeping in each direction, plus the central one that the bikes are in. That building to the left is not recognisable, nor that green bushy stuff that growing.

    It surely couldn't be the case could it that the National has used a picture from elsewhere and have captioned it as being from Orkney? Naughty naughty. Is there no end to the deceit that they will use to try and promote their cause?
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