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Thread: No more Saturday Letter Deliveries from Royal Mail

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    Default No more Saturday Letter Deliveries from Royal Mail

    How many of you noticed that last Saturday no one received any Letters from Royal Mail. Packets and Parcels were delivered but no Letters.

    Royal Mail say this is only Temporary but the question is this. Why discontinue delivery of Letters on a Saturday but still deliver Packets and Parcels.

    The answer is to cut down the Number of Posties employed and this then will save Royal Mail HUGE amounts of Money. It is estimated that they could cut 15-20,000 Jobs over the next few years by just stopping Saturday Deliveries on a Saturday.

    I have put in an official complaint to Royal Mail and I urge everyone to do the same thing.

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    Itís ok Iíll wait while Monday for my bills and junk post.

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    Methinks that there will be a reduction of mail services generally.
    It happened to us in North America, and I think u have our Blueprint, thru Moya Green, a Canadian!
    And from what I saw it is an extravagance!
    I remember some years ago being in a somewhat remote village in Caithness, and if One letter came in for the local Lodge, the 4X4 van would have to travel 11 miles, on poor roads, crossing a river to deliver same. I was a passenger Astounded I was!
    We now have Communal boxes, even for remote areas.
    Just FYI.....

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