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Thread: Hand Drying - Which is safer now - paper towels or air blowers

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    Default Hand Drying - Which is safer now - paper towels or air blowers

    A debate with lots of arguments and money.

    Read this article

    Which one - paper towel or blower - will you use once if ever we get back out again.

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    I use the "surgeons shake" technique when out and about.

    Individual towels changed daily in the bathroom at home and paper towels in the kitchen, although I do have my own hand towel there, also changed daily.
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    I do not use air dryers to dry my hands, paper towel or rather use my own clothes to dry hands if out and about or leave them to air dry, depending on situation.

    In my own bathroom have my separate hand towel changed daily and separate one for guests which gets changed after guests or as now with no visitors gets changed weekly.
    In kitchen hand towels and dish towels changed daily - used or clean.

    I believe Air dryers are sucking in dirty air which circulates in bathrooms, bugs are multiplying in the heat and when used again gives another blast of goodness knows what to the next person using these hand dryers.

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    Yes Pat, you are correct.
    In new hospitals there are no Air Dryers, or there shouldn’t be.
    Germination of the germs, and spread with the air.

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    After all this, there will be another rise in people becoming infected with all sorts, as their immune systems go into an even greater shutdown. If anyone ever dares not to wash their hands every 10 minutes, doesn't swathe themselves in 80% alcohol sanitiser or kit up like a surgeon, they drop like a fly from the first natural infection to come their way.

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