The Tories and unionists are banging on about how great the NHS is ,well it's NO THANKS to the Tories . They have been systematically destroying the NHS from the inside for ten years and treating the staff with total contempt ,stripping back their wages and pensions . Now the drum beaters are making out that's it's them and them alone that support the NHS . They've treated the NHS like a bus ,kicked out the windows ,stripped out the seats ,ripped out the engine ,installed some pedals and the the staff to PEDAL that and don't you dare complain . The Tories are a rotten to the core party with rotten to the core supporters and don't forget or forgive them ,whatever the spin they are spouting.

It was said some time back that if a Mr Salmond was found not guilty , we would find out quickly if it was a Tory Conspriracy if the media started chasing any or all SNP members ,friends and supporters . Funny how the person with the photos from a phone didn't even come from Dumfries ( she was still wrong). Yet again more media drum beaters trying to make a splash . Sick and dangerous brainwashing of the masses.