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Thread: Spaceport

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    Default Spaceport

    Anyone interested, this is a link to the application

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    Reading the report. "Based on HIE and Frontline’s extensive experience of undertaking similar assessments, it is assumed that each visitor will generate up to two overnight trips as a direct result of the launch activity14, and that each visitor will spend 125 on accommodation15, food, travel and gifts per 24-hour period"

    HIE estimate each tourist to this area spends 125 per person per 24 hours! Have HIE seen the number of motorhomes that spend just about zero as they seem to prefer to wild park.

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    I was wondering why they would launch rockets from the West Coast of Scotland. From past experience I know it is extremely windy in that lonely spot.
    At Cape Canaveral, Florida and California light winds causes many delays.
    Just wondering.

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    Yes, Rockets are generally launched from the equator for the better push to orbit. This Space port all the way up here doesn't make much sense to me. Although it would explain a few things if I saw the Millennium Falcon parked up at Wick..

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    IIRC the rockets to be launched from Sutherland will be headed north towards the pole. Their orbits will be over both poles, not above the equator.

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