I've always thought it strange that you can start a new claim for PIP up until retirement age and if you qualify for both parts (daily living and mobility) I understand you will receive the benifit all the time you meet the criteria, even if that carries on until very old age. Fair enough.

If you are even a few weeks past retirement age and try and claim, it will be rejected and you are told to claim AA (attendance allowance) Now, even if you have exactly the same disability as someone on top rate of PIP, you will be entitled to far less as there is no mobility component to AA.

Now the Scottish govt are taking these benifits over from the DWP it was hoped that this anomaly would be addressed as the new department are constantly saying "We want to treat everyone with dignity and respect" (Implying the current system does not).

The new department have decided there will be no levelling of both benefits. Apparently it would cost too much! So much for dignity and respect! So if you are going to have a stroke for example, have it before you retire. (That is not supposed to sound flippant)