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Thread: Coronavirus

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    An extract from "Wee Ginger Dug", Paul Kavanagh's blog - dated 26 June 2020.

    It concerns the fact that 331 Tory MPs voted against given NHS and Care Staff weekly Covid19 tests. I was going to try to paraphrase what Paul said but he says it so succinctly it's easier just to quote him.

    ".....what they’ve all got in common is that every single one of this sorry shower of British nationalist apologists voted against a motion in the Commons which would have ensured that all NHS workers and care staff received weekly tests for coronavirus. What they’ve got in common is that in 2017 every single one of them voted against a pay rise for nurses. And what they also have in common is that all of them repeat the platitudes about clapping for NHS workers because they’ll make a show of supporting key workers, but won’t follow through with anything that actually has any substance to it. Yeah, this doesn’t reflect well upon them either, but then they’re Tory MPs so what were you expecting. Being a git is very much on brand for this lot. They don’t care. They didn’t care. They never cared. This is what you get when you vote Tory."

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    A very heart warming story on BBC Scotland page about the Scottish pilot who has survived Covid in South Vietnam and become something of a celebrity there at the same time, as a result. South Vietnam has done amazingly well with this virus.

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    One of the hardest bits of data to find in all this carry on is the number of people, particularly in the UK, who have died due to coronavirus, and not just with coronavirus.

    My Dad died some years ago with a replacement hip. That's not what was the finish of him, but it's totally true to say he died with a replacement hip.

    I have read a number of sources that say the number of people who have died in the UK due to coronavirus is around 2000, and the number under age 60 it's around 600.

    But it's very hard to find definitive data on this. All some folk want to count is where coronavirus is mentioned on the death certificate. I am sure the word Sex is mentioned on every death certificate, but is unlikely to be, a few cases excepted, the real cause of a persons demise.

    Any reliable source links much appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orkneycadian View Post
    ...But it's very hard to find definitive data on this...
    Hmmm... I wonder why?

    Quote Originally Posted by orkneycadian View Post
    ...Any reliable source links much appreciated.
    I guess you looked & couldn't find one... Once again, I wonder why?
    “We're trapped in the belly of this horrible machine....
    And the machine is bleeding to death."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alrock View Post
    Hmmm... I wonder why?
    Probably to help keep us on our toes with mental arithmetic.

    So, the present number of confirmed cases in the UK is 290,133 (source = worldometers)

    Back in May, an Orkney doctor (Dr Drew) went on the Jeremy Vine show and stated that in his opinion, the number of symptomatic cases in Orkney was more likely 200 to 300 and not the 7 that was being recorded at the time.

    So, let's see, 290,133 x (250 / 7) = 10,362,000 people in the UK who have exhibited symptoms, whether diagnosed in a clinical setting, or self diagnosed at home.

    85% of people have no symptoms. That figure came out of China very early on, and had been affirmed by data from the Herefordshire farm where just a few of the 73 who tested positive had any symptoms.

    So, 10,362,000 / 0.15 = 69,079,000 of us have had it in some form or another.

    Now, what's the official UK population? Ah yes, that's right, 67.9 million, though the supermarkets reckon it's closer to 80 or 90 million based on their data mining.

    So, that explains why cases are flattening off. We have almost all had it. 85% of us didn't notice, 10,362,000 of us noticed, 290,133 of those that noticed had a clinical test, 40 odd thousand folk died of the usual kinds of things folk die of, but were posthumously found to have the virus in their system (just like the rest of us), about 2000 of those 40 odd thousand died solely of coronavirus, and about 600 of those 2000 were under 60 years of age.

    Nothing like a bit of mental arithmetic to keep things in perspective.
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