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Thread: Coronavirus

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    It is British customs and immigration, not Scottish, that is why Sturgeon cannot do more on Scotland lockdown and who comes into Scotland.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pat View Post
    It is British customs and immigration, not Scottish, that is why Sturgeon cannot do more on Scotland lockdown and who comes into Scotland.
    News says ScotGov..........
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    Oh er.... The 5th week on the trot that the number of deaths in England and Wales is below the 5 year average;

    In Week 29, the number of deaths registered was 3.0% below the five-year average (270 deaths fewer), this is the fifth consecutive week that deaths have been below the five-year average; the number of deaths in care homes, hospitals and other communal establishments was also fewer than the five-year average, while the number of deaths in private homes was 766 higher than the five-year average.

    Deaths in care homes and hospitals again below the 5 year average, those in private homes above the 5 year average.

    This must be the deadliest pandemic on record. Less folk dying than usual. The official statistics are now really starting to undermine the myth of this virus.

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    This country is reaslly starting to lose the plot now, even In Westmister (though fortunately they are not as bad as Holyrood)

    Coronavirus: Pubs 'may need to shut' to allow schools to reopen

    Did Professor Graham Medley actually give any thought to just how daft that is before he said it? Is he imagining pubs that fill up with schoolkids on their way home for a swift half or a prosecco? Is he envisaging that the teachers will be so stressed about having to work for 100% pay, instead of sitting about for 80%, that they will be flocking to pubs to ease their tensions?

    If they must do anything, then make it simple. No kids nor teachers allowed in pubs. Schools open, Pubs open. Simples.

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    Are the BBC now getting Diane Abbot to do their statistics for them?

    Coronavirus: Cases rise by 18 in Scotland

    With the particular statement;

    "The tally of 18 new cases on Saturday accounts for 0.5% of the 15,382 tests carried out in the past 24 hours."

    Eh? Using the arithmetic I was taught at school, 18 is 0.12% of 15,382, not 0.5%

    Is it the BBC that's overstating the figures by at least a factor of 4, or the Scottish Government?

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    In Week 30, the number of deaths registered was 1.8% below the five-year average (161 deaths fewer); this is the sixth consecutive week that deaths have been below the five-year average.

    [Alarm Clock] - "Drrrriiinnngggg!!!!!]
    [Orkneycadian] "Yawn, what time is it? Oh that smells nice - Must be Kenco Costa Rican"
    [Other orgers] "ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz"

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    At last, the penny seems to be dropping....

    Coronavirus: UK made serious mistake over border policy, say MPs

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    Looks like Trump was right after all. The pill is worse than the ill;

    Lockdown may cost 200,000 lives, government report shows

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    Worse for whom? I think that the families of those who have died from Covid and continue to die every day might argue with you on that one.

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    I guess the families of the 200,000 that could die from lockdown, would be a much more vocal bunch than the families of the 1,860 who have died from conoravirus. But the trouble is, we will now have both, not one or the other.

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    There have been 2491 deaths from Covid 19 in Scotland alone- that is deaths where the person had a positive test and then subsequently died from the disease. There is double that number, at least, in which Covid 19 is mentioned on the death certificate though not necessarily having been confirmed by a positive test. I do not understand why you believe your calculations when no one else does nor why you persist in playing down the danger posed by this virus. Can only think it is because you are safely cocooned there up on Orkney and feel you know better than pretty much everybody else. You are in a tiny minority. I know of no one else in my own circle of family and friends who does not take this seriously. If you feel this way, how about a trip to a pub in Aberdeen or north of England just to prove your point?

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    It was the UK Goverment themselves who stated that just 4% of those that have died WITH conoravirus, died FROM conoravirus. And it was Matt Hancock who stated that the way deaths are counted, really needed a shake up, citing a hypothetical example of someone asymptomatic, who returned a positive test in March, but was run over and killed by a bus in July, would be counted as a conoravirus death.

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    So, population of Wales = 3,153,000

    (source = Wikipedia 2019 estimate)

    Population of Scotland = 5,463,300

    (source = Wikipedia 2019 estimate.

    Wales positive Conoravirus cases in week to 26/8/20 = 177

    (source =

    Scottish positive Conoravirus cases in week to 26/8/20 = 531

    (source =

    Rate of new Conoravirus cases in farcemask shunning Wales in the last 7 days = 177 / 3,153,000 = 0.0056%

    Rate of new Conoravirus cases in farcemask adoring Scotland in the last 7 days = 531 / 5,463,300 = 0.0097%

    So, based on actual data, wearing a farcemask increases your chances of testing positive for Conoravirus by by a factor of almost 2.

    Who is pulling who's leg?

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    Oh dear, the stats continuing to highlight the dangers in wearing farcemasks.

    In the last 24 hours, 40 new positive tests in Wales, where farcemasks are optional;

    Meanwhile, 88 new positive tests in Scotland, where farcemasks are mandatory;

    You can work out the rates yourselves based on the above respective populations, but yet again, data shows that wearing farcemasks leads to a higher rate of positive tests?
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    56 new positive cases in the last 24 hours in farcemask free Wales.

    123 new positive cases in the last 24 hours in farcemasks galore Scotland.

    Both sets of data from the BBC News site.

    Can anyone see a pattern emerging yet? I can.
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    Coronavirus in Scotland: Nicola Sturgeon 'concerned' over 160 new cases

    Yes Nicola, we are all concerned too. Concerned why you cannot make the connection with why Wales only has 39 new positive cases to Scotland's 160
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    So are you saying that, in your scientific judgement (and what do the WHO know compared to you with your evident years of experience in lab research on communicable diseases), that wearing face masks is causing more cases in Scotland compared to Wales?

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    The first thing to bear in mind Fulmar, that the 2 administrations have a different approach. So it's not possible for them both to be following WHO guidance or directives to the letter. So this is not just an "Orkneycadian vs the WHO" matter. One of the 2 administrations it's also somewhat questioning of the WHO recommendations.

    So day after day, stats come our showing that Scotland is returning more positive cases than Wales. Today it's 154 and 51 respectively. At the very least, we can say with some degree of certainty that farcemasks are not doing a very good job of limiting the number of positive test results. But then again, that's what the WHO said months ago. "Don't wear masks, save them for the medical people. They don't make any difference in this scenario anyway"

    A few weeks ago I posed the question of why ordinary flu and pneumonia were, at the time, killing 6 times the number of people who were dying with (not of) conoravirus, despite everyone wearing farcemasks. If they are so good, then we should be having no cases of ordinary flu either. But we do.

    So, one of the two administrations is not fully following WHO recommendations.

    One of the two administrations has a much lower rate of positive tests than the other, even taking population into account.

    Both countries are similar in terms of variation from urban to very rural. Both share a land border with England.

    It doesn't take a rocket scientist, or even a lab researcher in communicable diseases.
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    So when Aberdeen gets 14 positive cases per 100,000 people its "Lockdown! Shut everything down, close the pubs, shops, cafes, offices, etc"

    When Glasgow gets 33 positive cases per 100,000 people its "Gonnae nae go visiting so many o yer pals?"
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    everyone has gone mad lol, I was at Lidl Thurso the first time I have been out since this started, got this woman screaming in my face why I wasn't wearing a mask and saying to the staff to chuck me out I was like wtf, I said I was exempt then she started on about some bloody badge, so basically I have to display I am disabled might as well go about with a star of David on my sleeve, having COPD and a heart murmur its impossible to wear one so I think I will just stay in the house a few more months until folk get a grip

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