BLataently copied accors from a site here in Orkney......

Someone looked Into this for Lockdown Skeptics and wrote:

What about the cost of the Nightingale Hospital in Glasgow that is shutting its doors. Eye watering!

Further to your story today on the decommissioning contract for the NHS Louisa Jordan facility at the SEC in Glasgow, I had a quick look into the costs involved with this empty COVID-19 hospital.
The contracts page you provided a link that shows it's costing 429,877.48 for a contract merely to appoint a "Lead Advisor consultant to support the decommissioning of the NHS Louisa Jordan temporary field hospital at the Scottish Events Campus (SEC) in Glasgow".
The minutes of the NHS Louisa Jordan Governance Board on May 21st states that total decommissioning costs were estimated at over 4 million, so there's considerably more to come.

A Scottish Government FOI release published on July 22nd shows that no patients were treated at the facility.
This recent spreadsheet from September 10th shows that the final build cost was 30.9 million and monthly running costs have been 2.4 million.
The Herald featured these figures in a story on September 11th.
The Daily Record ran a story on the costs on September 20th, stating that the hospital with no Covid patients will cost taxpayers 67 million.
]But, all is not lost it has been used to provide healthcare training.
And it may have hosted some orthopaedic outpatient consults.
Multiply these staggering sums of cash across all of the standby Covid facilities, and there's a colossal bill to be paid by taxpayers.
And for what in return?