This is a high profile position and the Chair of HIE is expected to deliver active and dynamic leadership of HIE’s board. Working with the CEO and the wider organisation, the Chair will act as an ambassador for HIE and the region by building positive relationships of influence amongst the business community, politicians and wider stakeholder groups. The Chair must be able to develop and deliver the strategic vision and strategies and should be adept at operating and managing within a changing environment.

The Chair is a member of the Enterprise and Skills Strategic Board and will be expected to work collaboratively and collectively across the public and private sectors.

The main areas of competence and capability are set against a backdrop of ensuring: the Board is diverse, acts collectively and collaboratively; aligning with the Scottish Government’s Economic Action Plan and the priorities of the Enterprise and Skills Strategic Board and that the Board is effective and maintains the highest standards of corporate governance and financial management.

Salary 45,000
Commitment - 97 Days per annum

The closing date for completed applications is Wednesday 19 February 2020.

For full details and to apply go to