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I wonder what they will do to balance the books? More cuts to public services or raise taxes?
Why wouldn't they be able to balance the books, pray tell? Do you really consider it acceptable that Westminster can dump Welfare Payments onto the SG, with no extra money to pay for them...just to stick it to those of us who think Scotland isn't too wee, too poor or too stupid to be independent and allow people like you to gloat because they have manipulated devolution to prove you were right all along and we can't manage?

Seriously.....do you really think they haven't costed out the payments due to be devolved?

Why do you not assume that they are going to be getting more of Scotland's taxes back to pay for the new responsibilities? In my naivety, I certainly assumed that the assignation of some of our VAT receipts, the first 10p of the standard rate of VAT receipts and the first 2.5p of the reduced rate, which started the transition in April 2019 and should be in place fully by April 2020 was intended to cover the extra responsibilities being handed over to the SG from April 2020 onwards? But obviously you know better.