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    Can anyone tell me where I might buy fresh or frozen rabbit locally? And before anyone suggests it I don't own a gun so can't shoot my own.
    Thanks you

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    Alas, online is about the only place you can buy rabbit meat retail these days. Happy to be proven wrong, but finding a butcher these days is a challenge, let alone one with rabbit meat.

    One of the closest online ones seems to be in Forres -

    To give you some idea why its even harder to buy retail than you think, then the regulations enforced by Food Standards Scotland have a lot to do with it. As soon as any game meat, rabbit included, is "prepared", i.e. skinned, jointed, etc, then it, and the "preparer" has to comply with a myriad of health and hygiene regulations. That pretty much narrows it down to professional producers like butchers or more likely, game dealers. Even then, they have to have a dedicated preparation area - They cant prepare wild rabbit on the same table as, for example, they package other meats.

    There is a slight escape clause in that someone who traps the game (shoots for example) has limited responsibility, as long as they do not "prepare" the meat. So a shooter can hand over game to a consumer providing its still "in the fur or feather", and then, they only have had to have taken "reasonable care" to determine that the game is (was) healthy and fit for consumption, and the meat has been reasonably cared for between killing and delivery. But that means that the consumer has to take delivery of an unskinned rabbit. Not something that too many of them are happy to do.

    Sorry if thats a long answer to your question, but may perhaps help explain why game is so hard to get hold of these days, unless you shoot it yourself or go to a specialist game dealer. For so many butchers, its just too much trouble to work with for such low sales.

    Now, if anyone knows of a Caithness butcher that can prove me wrong, I would be delighted to hear about it!

    There is an Orkney butcher that processes wild goose meat - Craigies in Tankerness - Who might process rabbit if asked, but I have never seen any in their shop.

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