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Thread: Ttrpg groups or players

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    Default Ttrpg groups or players

    Questions like this go up every now and again and itís about time. We have a few groups a few times a week running RPGís with the Northern Knights on Facebook mostly D&D 5e but some Star Wars RPG and Vampire the masquerade, normally Tuesdays in Wick and Thursdays in Thurso. Iím just looking for other groups I could join (D&D) and see if thereís anyone around that would like to join our sessions either with knights or we have a separate group that runs d&d on Wednesdays?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquilo View Post
    We have a few groups a few times a week running RPG’s
    Wow, these would work well on the feral geese we have up here. Having seen what they can do to a tank, the geese should be obliterated!

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    Which one of these characters is you Orkneycadian? Jack?

    Wouldnít cluster bombs be more effective than RPGs?

    FYI I didnít know what the TLA RPG or the FLA TTRPG meant in this context, and I canít answer the OPís OQ. Soz.
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    Nah, I am well camouflaged!

    Machine gun would be ideal. Surely the army could come here for some training? Live targets for live rounds? Bit of a no brainer really.

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