The BBC is currently reporting that Boris Johnston promises to unite the country by getting Brexit done and to train 50,000 more nurses. Let's examine those claims a bit more closely.

Johnston wants to unite the country (UK) by forcing those of us who live in Scotland to leave the EU despite us clearly demonstrating that we don't want to. I was going to say something about that being typical of what Johnston thinks of Scotland but the simple fact of the matter is he doesn't think about us at all. He is addressing his remarks to a target audience who reside many hundreds of miles south of here. And that target audience have been asked many times if they would sacrifice the Union for Brexit and they have always answered with a resounding "Yes".

Secondly, he is going to unite the country by announcing a policy (50K more nurses) which only affects England. There are four completely separate NHS organisations within the UK. In Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland the devolved administrations run their respective NHS. Johnston is, once more, addressing his target audience; and it isn't us.

The polls are pointing to a Tory government being in place on Friday 13th December. That means a hard Brexit, with Johnston very likely to curtail the powers of the Scottish Parliament so he can offer access to the Scottish NHS to American drug companies in return for a trade deal.

However, we can stop this if we vote to take back control of our own affairs like any other country does.