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Thread: Holyrood success story as Hospitals are performing better in Scotland

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    Default Holyrood success story as Hospitals are performing better in Scotland

    It seems our health is given a boost by having our health service devolved from the rest of the UK.

    The story so far: Out of all the four nations, hospitals in Scotland seem to have fared the best.

    Weekly data shows four-hour performance in major units hovering around the 90% mark during January.

    Much of the credit has been given to the way councils and the health service are working together.

    Budgets have been pooled, encouraging a close working relationship to help get frail patients out of hospital by providing extra rehabilitation services in the community.

    But most of the progress has been concentrated in and around Glasgow and Edinburgh, where over a quarter of the population lives.

    Arguably, this gives Scotland an advantage, as improvements in just two regions can have a significant impact on performance.

    In terms of cancer treatment, over 87% started treatment within 62 days, according to the latest figures, below the 95% target.
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    unless you want to have your baby in Caithness, not so good

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    Nor if you want you kids to come back home again from hospital;

    The response of Jeane Freeman, the SNP Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, and that of Nicola Sturgeon has been nothing other than woeful.

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    I used to think Jeane Freeman was one of the better and more competent Holyrood ministers. However, she’s been sinking deeper and deeper into the doo in every respect for the last year or so. I think she’s out of her depth, and what’s worse, she’s in denial about being out of her depth. She means well but she’s made a pig’s ear of everything she’s touched recently, both managerially and politically. Nicola S needs to get rid of her, and the sooner the better.

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    I think the getting rid of needs to come in at a higher level. You're seeing the effect of having politicians who are so focused on a single agenda, that they are no use at the job they get given. You don't see Jackson Carlaw, Richard Leonard, Willie Rennie or Patrick Harvie's constituents left in limbo, as their respective MSPs drop their day jobs to go and campaign in an election they are not even standing in. Or bleat that they are not invited onto a TV show despite polling at less than 5% of the population.

    At least some of the other parties have shown that they are not "mono-issue". The Conservatives as an example have had a fair share of MPs who have disagreed with their leaders policy on Brexit. But at least their MPs have shown that they can think for themselves, and their constituents.

    When you appoint your Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, not on her ability to do the job, but on her stance on Scexit, then you are doomed to failure.

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    I disagree on the role of the Scottish Party leaders, in particular Nicola Sturgeon. Or course she’s going to play a major role in the Westminster election. She’s the SNP leader, first minister, and by far the most dominant politician in Scotland. The SNP are the third biggest party in Westminster, so they deserve time on TV with the other main party leaders. I don’t worry about Nicola’s constituents, the election campaign only lasts a few weeks.

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