I wonder if anyone would care to try to justify Ruth Davidson reportedly being paid "an unprecedented sum" for appearing on ITV's election night coverage when the convention is that serving politicians do this free of charge.

Tricia Marwick, former Holyrood Presiding Officer, commented as follows:-

"I have never known of a sitting MSP who has been paid to be a political pundit on an election or politics show. It might not be against the rules but it leaves an uncomfortable feeling that someone is being paid large sums of money for doing their main job.".

Let's not forget, of course, that it is only a matter of a few weeks since she was quite prepared to take on a highly lucrative lobbying post with Tulchan Communications at a salary of 50K. She would have done this despite being a serving MSP with "a day job" that involves looking after the interests of her constituents. The only reason she did not take this post (for now, at least) was the public pressure that was brought to bear on her.

Did someone mention snouts and troughs in another thread?