In October I posted about a brick wall I'd hit regarding the father of my 2nd great grandfather, David Oliver, born out of wedlock to Elizabeth Sutherland. I've since gotten answers to many of my questions, so now I have more questions!

A kind soul did some research for me (I'm in the US) and found in the Latheron Kirk Sessions records that Elizabeth Sutherland in 1847 gave birth to an illegitimate child (presumably my David Oliver) and accused George Oliphant, then residing in Swaiteback parish of Bower. [Where is that?] A subsequent session record in 1849 gives the child's father as George Oliphant junior, now of Stanshill, Bower [Where's Stanshill?]

And information this person researched for me in the Old Parish Registers connects my George Oliphant Jr. (born 1827) as brother of the William Oliphant (born 1821) whose descendants are DNA matches to me. Yay! Their parents are George Oliphant and Janet Sinclair. Does anybody here have any connections to these Oliphants?

I've been an Oliver all my life. It's odd to become an Oliphant all of a sudden, but very exciting to break down the brick wall.dit or delete this