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Thread: Pay and Display

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    Default Pay and Display

    Phase 2 of the double yellow lines are on the way with pay and displays being sneaked in under the heading of "off street parking" the double yellows was pushed through under the heading of "traffic management ".
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    We would save more money having Caithness Council again, instead of the money being spent in Inverness, and our not fit for purpose puppet Councils sacked, they match our train service, Health Service, roads, and the investment in the County, they will soon get tourists in Thurso by it being advertised as a ghost town. I'm sure double yellow lines will help fund more wastage by our out of date Councillor's,all they seam to think about is enforcing more bureaucracy. A quick look at all the businesses on Estate agents sites for sale in Thurso for Sale is shocking, and due to the bureaucracy the service for Tourists is a disgrace, no signs, and can hardly get a cup of tea after Five during the week and Sunday all day. Caithness is used by Highland Council to just bring its rubbish up and dump in Caithness.

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    Time to get "traffic management" at the traffic lights at the corner of Francis Street and Thurso Street. How anyone thinks its sane to park at the stop line at traffic lights is beyond me. I came through Wick last night, and someone who had parked their car about 3 feet from the stop line was getting a toddler out of the back of it, on the drivers side. All in fairly poor lighting, with dark clothing on. Only in Wick does this kind of selfish parking occur. And only in Wick, do folk need to feel the need to put a "No Parking, Keep Clear" sign on a door right at the stop line for the lights.

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