**** Sorry guys got to state this here we do feel she might be better in a family with no other dogs, however once use to another dog she is ok she just barks but never has attacked another ****

No bad comments please as am doing what's best for the dog here otherwise I would have kept her

This breaks my heart to do this however just not fair on my dog me and my husband both work so constantly out, we also live in a 6 floor flat so never get the garden as much as she used to. She loves her garden we used to live in a house with a garden and high walls and gate where she used to run in and out was she pleased

Looking for loving caring homes only who will keep us updated on photos, maybe for us to have wee visits to see her, as this is also breaking my wee 8 years olds heart

Roxy is a golden retriever ( mum) cross collie (dad) however looks more like her dad
She has come all the way over from Northern Ireland
Roxy is 2 years old her birthdays in April

She is good with kids and I've also got a cat and they get on great

Pm for more information