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Thread: Climate change strikes

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    I do wish I did not find Greta so annoying but I'm afraid I do and I would have liked to say to all those passionate young people yesterday, for goodness sake, go and do something useful like planting a tree or picking up plastic bottles rather than massively increasing your own carbon footprint by travelling to and attending yesterday's 'jolly' in Bristol.
    And to Greta herself, in case she hasn't noticed, actually the UK is not burning but a lot of it is under many feet of flood water

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    She really doesn't have a clue. She seems to be a population emergency denier, and is unable to make the connection between the population emergency, and her perceived climate emergency.

    She stands on the podium, waving a smartphone around, apparently oblivious to the fact that internet useage will account for 20% of the world energy demands by 2025, rising from the 10% it was in the last decade.

    Meanwhile, she rants on about "the children" again oblivious to the detrimental effect they are having. World population is rising by 225,000 per day. In simple terms, 225,000 more children are born every day than old folk who are dying off. Those having all those children are in the 16 - 32 age range (mostly) which is the generation Greta now find herself in.

    So Greta, you and your smartphone addicted, kid producing peers are the problem. She never seems to mention that.

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    Oh, you couldn't make it up.....

    Greta and her mates trash the greenery of the planet.....

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    Not sure what's secret about it? Its been common knowledge over the last decade or so that the internet uses 10% of the world's energy demand, and is rapidly heading towards 20%.

    Some interesting comparisons in this clips. Watching a box set being as polluting as driving from Birmingham to Manchester. The streaming of Despacito using as much energy as a chunk of Africa does in a year.

    Does Greta know this when she posts on her multiple social media platforms?

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    I don’t understand why you’re so critical of Greta T. Her actions have helped bring the fight against climate change to the foreground. Governments are more likely to act when the public demand action.

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    My criticisms of Greta are founded in her hypocrisy. She has this mistaken belief that all the wrongs of the world are caused by people older than her and her generation, and that if she stamps her feet, these oldies will act. She appears to be in complete denial of the population emergency, and seems unable to make the connection between population growth and CO2 emissions. She seems to be completely ignorant of the connection between her social media use and the increase in world energy demand associated with the internet.

    She would gain an awful lot more respect if she became a patron of Population Matters and renounced her use of social media in order to save energy.

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    I think you’re being very unfair. Greta can’t be expected to solve all the world’s problems at once, and on her own!

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    No, but like so many others, she is barking up the wrong tree. Remember the Extinction Rebellion goons in Aberdeen, protesting about oil whilst dripping in plastic, and driving a Ford Ranger 4x4 turbodiesel?

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    No, she’s addressing a different tree. Reducing the world’s population drastically would indeed cut greenhouse gas emissions and indeed help solve other pollution problems, but it’s a very difficult thing to do! It’s easier to cut emissions by burning less fossil fuel and using less energy to heat our buildings.

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    If the emmisions per capita are cut by half, and the population doubles, you are no further forward.

    And don't forget the immortal words of Sir David Attenborough.

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    Keeping the world’s population constant would I suppose be a good target to start with. That should be doable. I was being too ambitious!

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    Just looking back at some older posts (I'm bored) and saw this from 21/12/19

    Quote Originally Posted by Alrock View Post
    I'd get some scientists together to create a virus that will kill 50% of the population in a totally random manner for fairness.

    Alrock……...It's time to come clean. What did you do?

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    Greta must be pretty peeved now that her school strike thunder has been stolen. By the time all these international school closures finish, kids will be so desperate to get back to school to alleviate their boredom, they will not be up for any more of Gretas "strikes"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goodfellers View Post
    Just looking back at some older posts (I'm bored) and saw this from 21/12/19

    Alrock……...It's time to come clean. What did you do?
    Not enough this time, well short of the 50% mark, I'll have to try again.
    “We're trapped in the belly of this horrible machine....
    And the machine is bleeding to death."

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    Not strictly politics, but has anyone else read this about story about 'Climate Doomers'? Now I know who is buying all the bigger properties up here!

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    Deary me. Yet more population emergency deniers. If they want to know whats going to be the finish of us, and why folk are moving north, then that's where they should look.

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