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Thread: Climate change strikes

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    Default Climate change strikes

    Dear Climate Striking children

    YES the Climate is in a mess

    YES some of that is mankind's fault

    YES we the grown up's started too late

    NO we did not steel your future

    YOU are steeling your future

    By going on STRIKE you miss out on classes, you FAIL to get the GRADES needed to get the JOBS that will finish the work of cleaning up the environment.

    We may have been a little late but we have STARTED to repair the damage done. Any cure we start is and will be a LONG TERM project, one that YOU will finish. If all our scientifically minded kids fail to become scientists because they were too busy striking and being famous like dear Greta then when we are gone there will be no scientists to finish the work and then it will be YOUR FAULT.

    BTW not every grown up you see is a horrible climate Nazi some of us campaigned against "the bomb" (atomic - you know the one whose tests filled the atmosphere with radiation) , WE campaigned against CFF's, WE started clean beach movements and anti litter campaigns. WE pressed for cleaner desil and petrol. WE are the reason there are filters on exhausts and in factory chimneys. WE are the reason western people don't dye of smog in cities (unlike china) WE are the reason that the ozone hole is shrinking (yes that is a good thing look it up - shrinking isn't always a bad word the ozone isn't meant to have a hole.) WE are also the generation that invented mass renewable energy.

    So NO we are not stealing your future, WE are working DAM HARD to ensure we give you a future that is salvageable.

    YOU are stealing your own future. Go back to school. Get the grades you need to finish the job of saving the world.

    If you wanted to impress us you would strike during the holidays.

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    Well said.

    To add to the above, how about protesting outside the Chinese embassy as the Chinese don't believe in global warming or damage to the ozone layer

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    I love Greta and all the striking kids, and I support them wholeheartedly. Go Greta go!

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    I'm all for kids wanting to improve their environment. What annoys me is all this striking is counterproductive. If they wanted to help the world they could give up their Smartphones and foreign holidays (environmental rape and carbon footprint)

    I don't see any kids with placards along the lines of :
    "save the gorillas ditch the smart phone" or "cleaner air = staycation"

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    Striking kids are helping to change hearts and minds.

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    Climate change ...everyone yawns

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    This stuff really is comedy gold;

    The climate snowflakes turn up at the Treasury in an old smoky fire engine that doesn't meet the requirements of the London Ultra Low Emissions Zone, and probably don't even have to pay anything as on an enforcement camera, it looks like an emergency vehicle. Then they belch black diesel smoke all over the place, and attempt to spray dye all over the building. When it becomes apparent that they cant even join a bit of hose to a fitting properly, the fun really starts, and the fools can't even figure what to do to "save the situation" and turn the pump off. Or shut the valve. Instead, they go chasing after the end of the hose like magically they might be able to get it under control.

    Pretty much sums up their views on "saving the planet" - Go chasing after the issue that appears to be causing the most damage, without any clue on how to close a valve and stem a flow.
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    Human population growth is going to be the biggest threat to the planet

    But here we have Extinction Rebellion activist 'Janina' wanting to have children. Why? Stop having kids and really save the planet.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Some very useful words in there.....

    "we not only need smaller footprints, but fewer feet."

    Portland, Oregon, for example, decreased its combined per-capita residential energy and car driving carbon footprint by 5 percent between 2000 and 2005. During this same period, however, its population grew by 8 percent."

    No wonder top naturalists such as Sir David Attenborough state
    “All our environmental problems become easier to solve with fewer people, and harder — and ultimately impossible — to solve with ever more people.”

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    Janina is probably oblivious to it all. I bet she has at least 1 recent smartphone, and a data plan to keep it permenantly connected to the internet. I bet she uses at least 3 social media accounts simultaneously, and has a large screen TV in her bedroom, streaming netflix on demand. She probably travels long distances to go on marches and demonstrations, where she expects governments to wave some magic wand and make her carbon footprint disappear. Even though her boots are large and covered in soot.
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    Something should also be done about Bitcoin...

    Bitcoin consumes more energy than Switzerland

    “We're trapped in the belly of this horrible machine....
    And the machine is bleeding to death."

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    At a "mere" 0.5% of world energy demand, Bitcoin is bad enough, but completely eclipsed by the 10% of the worlds energy demand presently consumed by the internet and all things IT, predicted to rise to 20% by 2029.

    Wonder how many of the "crusties" in London are taking personal action to reduce that?

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    Seems that Gretas Atlantic Crusade is not quite turning out as she hoped. Now begging for a lift back to Europe......

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    Greta has her sail home at last. We’re on her route, let’s invite her for tea. I suggest your place rather than mine, that way you can refute the outrageous accusation that you’re an absentee landlord.

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    Excellent news! Yes, come round to ours for tea. I'll nick down to the pier to pick her up in the smoky old Dexta with the transport box on the back. Then she can have a slap up dinner of Orkney roast beef as she'll be hungry after her sail.

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    Unfortunately, Greta’s headed for Madrid on this trip, not Sweden. She’s going to a conference on climate change. Since everyone in Orkney has a boat, could you nip down and give her a ride back north after the conference finishes?

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    I'm not sure the old Gardner in the boat would make it to Spain and back. It burns as much oil as it leaks, so between the oily sheen it leaves behind from the bilgewater, and the blue haze from the exhaust, I don't think young Greta would be impressed.

    Surely she could paddle her way here in some kind of craft that didn't require any trees to be felled, animals to be harmed or nasty chemicals to be brewed up to make fibreglass?

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    That’s a pity. I was looking forward to sampling your Orkney roast beef with Greta.

    A paddling it should be.

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    She'll be fine - Apparantly she's a time traveller;

    If she can do this, then getting from Spain to Caithness / Orkney / Sweden shuold be a doddle for her.

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    Yes, but evidently time travel requires huge amounts of energy, which she’s reluctant to use. It’s back to the paddleboard for now.

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