Dear Climate Striking children

YES the Climate is in a mess

YES some of that is mankind's fault

YES we the grown up's started too late

NO we did not steel your future

YOU are steeling your future

By going on STRIKE you miss out on classes, you FAIL to get the GRADES needed to get the JOBS that will finish the work of cleaning up the environment.

We may have been a little late but we have STARTED to repair the damage done. Any cure we start is and will be a LONG TERM project, one that YOU will finish. If all our scientifically minded kids fail to become scientists because they were too busy striking and being famous like dear Greta then when we are gone there will be no scientists to finish the work and then it will be YOUR FAULT.

BTW not every grown up you see is a horrible climate Nazi some of us campaigned against "the bomb" (atomic - you know the one whose tests filled the atmosphere with radiation) , WE campaigned against CFF's, WE started clean beach movements and anti litter campaigns. WE pressed for cleaner desil and petrol. WE are the reason there are filters on exhausts and in factory chimneys. WE are the reason western people don't dye of smog in cities (unlike china) WE are the reason that the ozone hole is shrinking (yes that is a good thing look it up - shrinking isn't always a bad word the ozone isn't meant to have a hole.) WE are also the generation that invented mass renewable energy.

So NO we are not stealing your future, WE are working DAM HARD to ensure we give you a future that is salvageable.

YOU are stealing your own future. Go back to school. Get the grades you need to finish the job of saving the world.

If you wanted to impress us you would strike during the holidays.