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Thread: Reset brexit

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    Default Reset brexit

    Let's just reset Brexit to 2022 ,let's have the political parties set our their stalls with their Brexit deal included . All the parties must have EU approval of their deals and let the people choose in the full knowledge of what it means , good and bad . Let's get back to running the country and get things sorted . When your in a hole ,stop digging as it ain't helping and restart the clock . Instead of the two parties fighting let's have a coalition made up of all the parties , from now to the 2022 election . If we need more time that's fine ,but let's just get it right . Stop Westminster and the Tories from destroying the country . They've don't enough damage ,so stop.

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    Still at copy & paste. Deleting earlier threads and comments reminds me of a certain Scaddish Nasty Party

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