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Thread: Reset brexit

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    Default Reset brexit

    Let's just reset Brexit to 2022 ,let's have the political parties set our their stalls with their Brexit deal included . All the parties must have EU approval of their deals and let the people choose in the full knowledge of what it means , good and bad . Let's get back to running the country and get things sorted . When your in a hole ,stop digging as it ain't helping and restart the clock . Instead of the two parties fighting let's have a coalition made up of all the parties , from now to the 2022 election . If we need more time that's fine ,but let's just get it right . Stop Westminster and the Tories from destroying the country . They've don't enough damage ,so stop.

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    Still at copy & paste. Deleting earlier threads and comments reminds me of a certain Scaddish Nasty Party

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    This ones a bit embarrassing for the separatists who want us shackled to the EU;

    Tariffs imposed by the US on the EU mean a 25% hike on Scottish produced whisky, amongst other products.

    Oh, if only we were free of the EU, we would be free to strike our own deals. Instead, our whisky industry is being dragged down by the EU as it itself swirls around the plughole.

    Who would have thought that the separatists would have been so keen to shoot their own, beloved whisky industry down?

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    Ee lad, I remember when the courts were there to do useful things, like convict crims and put them behind bars. Now they seem to have nothing better to do than pick up trivial political cases at next to no notice, and fire them through the system in a matter of hours;

    Meanwhile, alleged attempted rapists still roam in Scotland.

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    At last, the Scottish court system seems to have found some time in their busy schedule of pandering to the remoaners, to be able to deal with alleged attempted rapists and alleged sexual assaulters;

    Perhaps we should raise a case at the court to preempt his sentence, especially if he tries to frustrate the prosecution by putting on his best Shaggy voice and suggesting "It wasn't me"

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    It would seem that the EU were secratly happy that the UK voted leave.

    This was the bit that got me ....
    "Ein historischer Tag !

    40 Jahre EU-Mitgliedschaft des Vereinigten Königreichs endet am heutigen Tag - Mit dieser Münze sichern Sie sich ein Stück europäischer Geschichte !

    Brexit - 23. Juni 2016

    5 $ Gold - Polierte Platte

    - Auflage 10.000 Exemplare
    - Lieferung in Kapsel mit Zertifikat

    In einer historischen Abstimmung am 23. Juni 2016 entschied sich das Vereinigte Königreich die Europäische Union zu erlassen. Dieses Ereignis ist eine der wichtigsten Momente in der Geschichte der EU. Der Begriff "Brexit" steht für den Austritt des Vereinigten Königreichs aus der Europäischen Union.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________

    Historic Day !

    40 years membership of the United Kingdom ends on this day!
    With this coin you secure a piece of European history.
    Brexit - June 23, 2016
    5 $ Gold - Proof

    - Mintage 10,000 pieces

    - Delivery in Capsule with Certificate of Authenticity

    In a historic vote on June 23rd, 2016, the United Kingdom chose to leave the European Union. The step to British isolation sent the markets on a carousel ride. This event – one of the most significant moments in EU history – is subject of a new CIT smartminting gold issue. The delicate 11 mm, 0,5 grammes coin presents the outline of the UK with the Union Jack opposite continental Europe. "

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    It might be the Cook Islands who are happy for us. I love the way the UK is larger than Europe....I want one! Click image for larger version. 

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    Someone needs to tell Ms von der Leyen to get with it;

    Brexit: EU chief says 2020 trade talks deadline may need to be extended

    She needs to look backwards in time to see that it was all her EU cohorts who frittered away the time by taking "non negotiable" stances. Now she is whimpering that she thinks there is not enough time left. Aw diddums.

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