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Thread: a war by other means

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    Default a war by other means

    Has anyone else noticed the sticker war that has been raging in Castletown for the better part of a year?

    I have found it rather amusing.....

    Started with a no sticker on a rather high signpost

    Then a handful of yes stickers appeared lower down

    These were covered by small but evidently tough union jacks

    For several weeks the edges of the union jacks were chipped away until eventually someone took a penknife or some such to them and scratched them into oblivion

    Then Castletown was covered in yes stickers like it had blue measles

    Last week I noticed a fair few had been scribbled on with what looked like indelible ink but must only have been felt tip because today I noticed someone had carefully cleaned the ink off the yes stickers at the junction

    I wait for the next instalment with baited breath.....

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    I’m amused by the concept of ‘baited breath’. Are you lying in wait ready to pounce on the next sticker sticker? 😎

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    Aye I thought while they are at it I could employ them to paste up some friendly reminders to the tourist. "Fag ends cause wildfires" and "Not everyone is on holiday please let us pass."

    Still no movement......I think the No brigade must be underfunded or understaffed.

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