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Thread: Birons Ironmongers

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    Fines for parking on yellow lines are issued by, and are the responsibility of, local authorities now. In general they are nothing to do with the police and they will only issue a ticket if a vehicle is obstructing the highway or posing a danger to others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Milkins View Post
    You seem to have developed an unhealthy obsession with my business orkneycadian.
    My regular customers that support us are well aware of where we are in the whole scheme of things and I have kept them all informed either when they visit the shop or follow our Facebook page.
    It appears that you spend a lot of time driving up and down Bridge Street so why not park outside for ten minutes (it is allowed because our esteemed civic leader said so) and come and have a cup of tea with us, I will show you my books and epos print outs so you can satisfy yourself that what I have been saying all along is correct.
    The same applies to anyone else that has a doubt about whether or not the double yellow lines is a good thing for the towns development.
    Actually Kevin, I have been in your shop quite a number of times, before, during an after the Closing Down sale signs were up. In fact, I was in there just a few weeks ago looking for a plug, but got redirected to City Electrical Factors. I came in during the time the sale signs were up, but couldn't really find anything selling for less price than usual. And even then, that was quite a few weeks into the sale, and the shelves still seemed to be overflowing. So it wasn't clear that there was much of a sale on. Before the signs went up, I have bought quite a range of things from you.

    I am sorry to hear that ends are getting harder to make meet. And if it were only businesses in Bridge Street, Wick, that were feeling the pinch, then you might have a point regarding yellow lines. But alas, this is happening all over. 2 closing down notices in this weeks Orcadian newspaper - Neither have had double yellow lines foisted upon them recently. One is a family business that has been going for 95 years, the other a rural shop that was bought 5 years ago by folk willing to give it a go, but have found that their ends don't meet either.

    I'll certainly be in your shop again, but I don't think there can be any correlation between your books, and the yellow lines outside. Sign of the times. Especially when the yellow lines seem to be totally ignored anyway.

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