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Thread: The Kindness of a Stranger

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    Default The Kindness of a Stranger

    I took my dog for a walk yesterday at the Wick riverside.

    Whilst coming back, just before the boating shed, I slipped on ice on the path and fell backwards pretty hard !!
    Feeling absolutely stunned I realised there was another dog walker nearby.

    He came over and checked that I wasn't bleeding from the back of my head, (which took quite a blow when I fell!) picked up my hat and made sure I was OK before recommending that I get a cuppa tea once I got home.

    I'm not an old age pensioner, but the sheer kindness and consideration from this man was very much appreciated as I was in a bit of shock.
    He had two dogs with him, one being, I think, a slightly older border collie and also a wee lad too.

    I don't know your name, but once again your thoughtfulness and consideration was very kind.

    P/S - I'm fine today, except for feeling quite achy .
    I'm the kind of woman whose feet hit the floor each morning, and the Devil says........... " Oh, Blast She's Up !! "

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    small fishing village outside wick called pulteney


    that's very nice to hear, still some decent folk out there
    if it wasnt for pubs it would be tescos for us all

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    Nr Bremen Germany


    Why can we all not be like this stranger. and thanks cherokee that you mentioned it. its positive thinking that make the world better

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