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Thread: What is the point of Labour anymore?

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    Default What is the point of Labour anymore?

    I just don't get them. I mean JC wanders about the UK promising he is going to do loads of supery, dupery things. He even claims he will bring down this Tory government, and it all sounds great. He gets his supporters all fired up and ready to go, then they head into Parliament, and instead of voting against Bills he promised to oppose, he suddenly changes his mind and tells his team to ABSTAIN.

    Take the Immigration Bill the other night, with all the nasty wee clauses in it. First the members were told to abstain, and although many objected to this, some just packed up and headed home. Then suddenly, because of all the objections, they were told, with an hour or so to go, if anybody was still hanging about, they should vote against it, with the result it passed by, I think, 63. They could easily have taken that one.

    I really don't think JC wants to be PM. I believe he just wants to sit back in the opposition benches and blame everything on the Tories....after all, he didn't vote for it, (CETA anyone?) when in fact, by abstaining, he most certainly did.

    I read somewhere the other day that Dr Martin Luther King once said: "If you see a good fight, get in it." but JC's motto seems to be: "If you see a good fight, volunteer to haud the jaikets."

    Anybody have any idea what is really going on in the modern Labour Party?

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    Personally I think Scottish Labour should splinter from UK Labour which is looking more and more like Mr Corbyns Socialist fantisy party. I don't think he actually wants to be prime minister. He is quite happy raking in money as an opposition that can promise everything and anything, even contradictory things because it will never have to actually find the money it says is out there. Give him 3 months in Office and either the UK will be totally bankrupt and not running because he has nationalised everything with the last of the money and can't afford to run it. Or we will see the biggest series of u turns in political history as he discovers the magic money tree doesn't exist.

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    Scottish Labour is at this moment even more incompetent than UK Labour. The Scottish Labour leader is even more useless than Corbyn. I think he’s called Richard. What’s his surname? I don’t know.

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    How do you know? Do you haunt the chamber in Holyrood and listen to every debate?

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    Richard who?

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    Richard Leonard.

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    Who he?

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    I'm not really sure what your point is. What does 'who he' mean?
    If you want to find out what Richard Leonard stands for, it isn't hard to do. If you disagree with his views, fair enough.

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    Are you a Richard Wotsisname supporter then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aqua View Post
    Are you a Richard Wotsisname supporter then?
    That's not the point. You cannot slate someone without actually looking at what they stand for and forming an opinion on that. Politics isn't a popularity contest it's a means of serving the will of the people. Some are better at it than others and that can be seen by a) the manifesto (what they promise) and b) their debates (what they do)
    Argue that his policies are piss if you want but don't write a politician off with "who he" simply because he doesn't hog the headlines.

    Oh so long ago I voted for a Scottish parliament but I'm not a Sturgeon supporter. Because the neverendum is ignoring democratic process and distracting the party from their day job of actually using the powers we already have. And I'm not a Corbyn supporter because I have read his stuff and disagree - not with everything and not necessarily with the ideals but rather the implementation of those ideals. I think the Tory party is a bunch of crooks but that doesn't stop me from reading their stuff and agreeing with an odd policy now and again. Richard Lenord does a site better than the corbynites. And as you seem to be unaware of the work he does you can read his debates here

    I suggest aqua you actually come up with tangible arguments or leave the politics to people who want to have an adult discussion.
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    Ok, practise what you preach. Tell us why Richard Whohe isn’t useless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aqua View Post
    Ok, practise what you preach. Tell us why Richard Whohe isn’t useless.
    Ok for one in 2017 he successfully changed the Scottish governments pledge to freeze certain cuts. By the time he had finished the pledge was to "use its powers to stop cuts to local services AND offer an alternative to Conservative austerity to the people of Scotland"

    He is part of a number of boards that support working people including the WASPI board. His dedication to the working classes isn't just hype his voting record show he actually means this, for example this year he voted for
    "the Scottish Government to provide streamlined support to business start-ups and to ensure that such support should continue in order to discourage successful businesses being bought over, rather than grown rooted in the Scottish economy."

    There is only so much any minister can do while in opposition. Given his current track record of actually supporting and doing the things he says he will he is (currently) one of the more trustworthy politicians.

    I'm not saying Richard is a saint. I'm not saying I'd vote for him. (I'll wait to see who has the best policies at the time - ever the political chameleon me.)

    But he (and every other politician) deserves to have more than a "who he".

    Love him or hate him do so on his policies not on his personality.

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    Ok so Richard does stuff. That doesn’t make him a leader. Being a successful leader requires leadership and public visibility. He doesn’t radiate either quality.

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    Why don't you volunteer yourself since you seem to know so much about leadership qualities?

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    What was his surname again?

    Lenny, that’s it, Richard Lenny. Corbyn apologist and small time trade union fixer.

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    It's funny how both the Libdems and labour ended up is such a mess after getting into bed with the Tories. Is there a connection between the huge raise in Labour membership that happens to vote for Cordyn, who I my eyes will never be a PM . Could there be a connection between the Tories and all those pop up ,crazy ,foul mouthed and religious hating JC supporters . Maybe it's many Tory cuckoos in a Labour nest ,now that would make sense.

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    Anything makes more sense than posts from Dopy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bystander1 View Post
    Anything makes more sense than posts from Dopy
    Oh I don’t know, Corbyn and especially his chief apologist Chris Williamson don’t make much more sense than Dopy. Williamson’s grasp of reality is close to Trumpian.

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    Labour continue to go from disaster to disaster. Nine MPs left the party last week and this week Chris Williamson is suspended for supporting anti-semites.

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