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Thread: What is the point of Labour anymore?

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    Richard WhoHe’s Scottish Labour Party won 18.6% of the vote and a single seat in last week’s general election. Why hasn’t he resigned? Is is because no-one knows who he is?

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    No point in knee jerk resignations at the moment - Its not as if there are any elections immediately up and coming.

    I guess that Scottish Labour suffered badly due to national decisions (or indecisions as the case may be);

    *Failing to deal with the anti-semetism
    *Having Jeremy Corbyn as leader
    *Having Diane Abbott in charge of sums
    *Failing to adopt a definitive Brexit policy

    None of which are really Richard Leonard's fault. Just what he inherited from above.

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    WhoHe is a Corbynista. He’s hopeless. That makes it his fault.

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    Yes, thats true indeed. Oh well, they have plenty of time to regroup, rethink and re-invent themselves before the next election.

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    They had better get rid of the current Scottish Labour leader - not impressed. The next elections are not that far away, the Scottish ones I mean. If Scottish Labour do not recover in 2021 then they may as well pack up and join the Lib Dems.

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    Diane Abbott can ask her fellow shadow front bencher Dawn Butler to help her with sums.

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    56% of young voters aged under 30 voted Labour. That, among many reasons, is why Labour matters and it achieved that result under Jeremy Corbyn!

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    But not in Scotland. The total Labour vote was 18.6% in Scotland. I don’t have an age breakdown. Their only MP detests Corbyn, and maybe detests WhoHe for all I know.

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    The only way the Labour movement can rise again in Scotland is after independence if it can show it really embraces independence and has no connection whatsoever with the Unionist Labour party registered in London. We have to have an alternative to the SNP in a free and independent Scotland.
    'We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.'
    Maya Angelou

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    I see the Labour Party leadership candidates are still peddling the myth that they can't win (at Westminster) without success in Scotland. It would appear that they don't know how deep a hole they are in. Even if they had won every seat in Scotland - all 59 of them - they would still have lost GE2019. The truth is they can't win even with success in Scotland.
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    I don't think we can or should write Labour off in the way you are suggesting as none of us have a crystal ball. I personally hope that Labour will once again become a credible party under new leadership. I have seen governments of both kinds several times in the course of my lifetime and hope to do so again south of the border, irrespective of what happens in Scotland.

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