I just don't get them. I mean JC wanders about the UK promising he is going to do loads of supery, dupery things. He even claims he will bring down this Tory government, and it all sounds great. He gets his supporters all fired up and ready to go, then they head into Parliament, and instead of voting against Bills he promised to oppose, he suddenly changes his mind and tells his team to ABSTAIN.

Take the Immigration Bill the other night, with all the nasty wee clauses in it. First the members were told to abstain, and although many objected to this, some just packed up and headed home. Then suddenly, because of all the objections, they were told, with an hour or so to go, if anybody was still hanging about, they should vote against it, with the result it passed by, I think, 63. They could easily have taken that one.

I really don't think JC wants to be PM. I believe he just wants to sit back in the opposition benches and blame everything on the Tories....after all, he didn't vote for it, (CETA anyone?) when in fact, by abstaining, he most certainly did.

I read somewhere the other day that Dr Martin Luther King once said: "If you see a good fight, get in it." but JC's motto seems to be: "If you see a good fight, volunteer to haud the jaikets."

Anybody have any idea what is really going on in the modern Labour Party?