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Thread: Norn vs. Gaelic

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    Default Norn vs. Gaelic

    S til at apra up .org eg myn skriva i Norn. Hvu lang forehand Gaelisken loon byrra missa birss derra?

    Mar sin gus a bhith be .org 'S dcha gum bi mi a' tiseachadh a 'sgrobhadh an norn. D cho fada 'sa bheir e airson luchd-labhairt na Gidhlig fs fiadhaich?

    I thought to liven the .org up I might start posting in Norn. How long till the Gaelic speakers loose their temper?

    (especially with my appalling Gealic.)

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    OK so I'm board so shoot me...

    Gev vus segla hurli. Ned til ursa. Hvar mani blether i katanes.
    Gev vus segla hurli. Ned til Groat. Hvar louper kenna ikke derra dirdihviker fr dirdey flitcher.
    Gev vus segla hurli. Ned ti Hvik. Hvar loon og djeil klype skorri.
    Gev vus segla.....

    And translation....

    Gi'e us a sail o' yur hurley. Dun til Thursa. Far manie blether e' katanes.
    Gi'e us a sail o' yur hurley. Dun til John o' Groats. Far tourists nae ken thur dirdiwicker fro' thur dirdey flitcher.
    Gi'e us a sail o' yur hurley. Dun til Wick. Far loons an cheils annoy the skorries.
    Gi'e us a sail....

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    Tha Gidhlig agamsa agus bhithinn air mo dhigh Nrnais ionnsachadh! Bha mi am beachd tiseachadh le Innis Tlis ach chan eil ine gu ler air a bhith agam fhathast!

    I speak Gaelic and I'd be delighted to learn Norn! I had intended to begin learning Icelandic first, but I've not yet found the time! How do you go about picking up a bit of Norn?
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    Hi Ceol is a good start if you are academically minded. It requires preknowledge of declensions, clauses, genders etc that most English monoglots don't understand but I am guessing as a Gaelic speaker you should be fine with them.

    There is a good series of workbooks aimed at children (and adults who aren't used to foreign grammatical structures) "Norn Min" They used to be stocked at the Thurso Horizons, a friend spotted them at the John O Groats Emporium the other day, could be cheaper getting them online though, this is what they are going for on Amazon at the moment...

    "This item:Norn Min buk 1 by Elspeth Grace Hall Paperback 4.09

    Norn Min buk 2 by Elspeth Grace Hall Paperback 1.13

    Norn lod fyri piri smoitti by Elspeth Grace Hall Paperback 4.70

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    Your first link has the flavour of a high school text from a century ago. How do I ask for a Chicken Madras, a Lamb Korma, a large Shiraz and a pint of Punk IPA? Then add pilao rice, garlic naan and a couple of poppadoms, all correctly declined and conjugated.

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    I meant Lamb Bhuna, not Korma.

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    Lamb Bhuna = Villi Slobret
    Lamb Korma = Villipramm
    A large white wine = sturt hvit vin
    IPA = Indland gjomet ol (sorry I don't know how to say punk)
    Garlic naan = hvitlk divlek

    this is a guess but I'd go for....

    Chicken Madras = hjonsen horpeta (the chicken that burns too much)
    Rice = flohed (swamp grain)

    As for poppadom I think I'll just say Poppadom (with the appropriate inflections of course)!

    So your order would be ...

    M vi hava; hjonsen horpeta, Villipramm ... Nei ikke Villipramm, Villi Slobret.... sturt hvit vin og en Punk Indland gjomet ol, pilao flohed, hvitlk divlek og tver poppadomen.

    May we have; the chicken madras, a lamb korma ... no not lamb korma, lamb bhuna... a large white wine and a punk indian pale ale, pilao rice, garlic naan and two poppadoms.

    Any more orders Aqua or is that your dinner sorted? :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by aqua View Post
    Your first link has the flavour of a high school text from a century ago.
    I agree with you there !

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    What a fantastic effort! Hats off to you Mr/Ms BOwer, I didnt expect such an amazing answer!

    Have you considered giving up the day job?

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