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Thread: Scottish Tories making a fool out of fishermen

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    Default Scottish Tories making a fool out of fishermen

    When will the folk of Moray firth to Peterhead stop making themselves the stooges of the Tory party liers Yet again they let Theresa May madcap brigade turn they into fools. Stop listening to the Tory broken promises about helping them out ,they never have and never will . They've sold the fishermen down the Swanny more times than I care to remember . Ask the Tory terrorists this " how many EU fishing boats have been put on notice to scrap" due to the Brexit deal offered by Theresa May .

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    I expect the fishermen/women think there is at least a chance of being able to catch more fish under TM's proposals. The SNP have said time and time again they want full membership of the EU and would continue to allow foreign vessels the same access to Scottish waters that they currently have. So, thet (the fishermen) either stick with things the way they are, or take a chance on the Tories.

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    There's no point catching fish if your biggest market closes the door ,ask the west coast fishermen who sell nearly all their catch to the EU . What about all the transport companies the ferry the catches to the France and Spain . .what would you say if David Cameron had the EU referendum in mind and knew they was a good chance of voting out when he was putting the fear of God in Scottish pensioners to vote NO in the Scottish referendum . The only truth I can find is ALl politicians are liers and only the stupid would vote unionist ,Tory or labour as they have history. You can't fight your corner from the outside ,the French fishermen are happy to tell the EU to sod off ,why don't we try the same ,it worked for Iceland . How about a 10 year excemption on all foreign boats in Scottish water ,you can call it a backstop ,with any changes need Scottish minsters approval .

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    Quote Originally Posted by dozy View Post
    There's no point catching fish if your biggest market closes the door ,ask the west coast fishermen who sell nearly all their catch to the EU.
    We'll be glad of all the surplus fish that used to go to the EU when the predicted food shortages hit.
    “We're trapped in the belly of this horrible machine....
    And the machine is bleeding to death."

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    Dozy, Fish buyers are not politicians, they are business men. They will buy fish from anyone if the quality and price are right. I think you might be believing the hype/scaremongering.

    Global warming has featured heavily in the news this last week, they now say we need to eradicate the beef and sheep industry to cut down on greenhouse gas. Apparently we should be eating more chicken and fish. Here is a thought, how about educating the public to eat our locally produced fish rather than exporting it anywhere else in the EU. Problem solved.

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    From the outset the Tories hate the fishermen or anyone that won't vote Tory ,that's why the farmers got the money and fishermen had to give their boats the deep six and quotas went the EU boats . Let's be truthful the Tories will sell anyone out, if it gets them closer to theirTory goals . Fresh fish of all kinds is less that half the price in Europe and they buy fresh fish and are happy to cook from scratch . The U.K. pass fish fingers and fish cakes as a great dinner , it's shows two great cons have been played on families. 1 mothers don't know how to cook , 2 . they don't have the time to cook from fresh . Both of these are cons and are pressures passed down on families by Westminster governments to push up house price and push mothers into working to make ends meet . Westminster Tory strategy is base on rising house prices, that's why they don't rush to build lots a council house as that would slow down buy to let and push al house prices down . Hell the Tories can't have that .
    Yes we would all like to buy fish but it's the cost ,it's roughly £7.50 for a fish supper twice that if bought in the restaurant . The truth is a hard thing to admit and the Tories won't admit to anything . It's speaks for it's self .

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    dozy what knowledge do you have of fishing or the fishing industry

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    According to dozy his titled ancestry can be traced back to 1066 or earlier. Now operating as an unlicensed scrap metal merchant he has wide knowledge of all things, not only fishing.

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    Dozy, I'm a bit confused. you say our (the Scottish fishermen) biggest market is Europe, then you go on to say fish in Europe is half the price it is in the UK. What with transport and ferry costs, that doesn't stack up. If we are paying twice the price then the fishermen or their agents are ripping us off. I'm sure if fish halved in price overnight, I for one would give up red meat and eat much more fish. Could you use your contacts in the fishing industry to try and help achieve this?

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    My goodness, we went from fishing to mothers who can't cook to house prices in just a few lines above. I so enjoy trying to follow the workings of your mind, dozy. I daresay climate change is entirely the fault of the Tories too?

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