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Thread: Septic tank

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    Default Septic tank

    Hi all,
    Can anyone tell who empties septic tanks in the Caithness area? I have just bought a house and found that the septic tank is almost full.



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    Hi Jimmy first you need to make sure you have septic tank as you do not want to empty these they are designed to let the waste leach into a field or soak away once the bacteria in them have done there job or if you have a cesspit which is just a big tank to hold your waste and these do need emptying.

    If you do have a septic tank and looks full ie not much room till roof of the tank the most likely is the over flow is blocked here is a link to website witch explains the difference between septic and cess

    My name is Ragnar I fit septic tank systems so if you need more advice or some one to have a look at it you can call me 07821525638

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    Hi, Scottish water empty ours every couple of years, decent job, no mess, no fuss, excellent driver / Operator.

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    This thread is a prime example of what goes so wrong on this forum.....

    I suggests the OP ignores the first response, and gets some real, independent advice on septic tanks. I would also steer clear of any installer of septic tanks who allows "waste to leach into a field or soakaway". The only outfall from a septic tank should be "cleanish" water. Sludge or waste should stay behind in the tank, and gets emptied from it from time to time.

    The OP should also find out when seeking independant advice, that septic tanks are meant to be nearly full - Principally of water - If its nearly full of water, thats a good sign, but if its full of sludge, then it needs emptying. Scum on top of the water is normal.

    The following generic picture of the inside of a septic tank may help in understanding the above.

    Click image for larger version. 

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