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Thread: Ferret and owner wanted to hunt rabbits

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    Default Ferret and owner wanted to hunt rabbits

    Would any ferret owner be willing to come to Barrock to deal with growing rabbit nuisance? We are happy to pay.

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    Beware of the snowflakes coming at you for killing the poor wittle wabbits

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    Sorry I am a bit too far from Barrock to help, but it is good to know that the rabbit is not quite extinct in the county! My ferrets have not had a decent outing in years, and,more importantly, the rabbit has a fundamental role in the ecosystem. Not much comfort if you are losing grass, or finding scrapes and burrow all over your parks.
    I just wanted to warn you that you are about to be deluged by enquiries from would-be vermin-controllers with ferrets, dogs, airguns, shotguns and .22s. Don't give out your address. Select someone who can provide a local reference from a landowner, who is happy to confirm that the applicant is effective and causes no trouble. If guns are involved, you need to see insurance e.g. from BASC or SGA. You will not need to pay anyone to have a good day out with their ferrets.

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